Wednesday, March 18, 2009

99 and still going...

WOW, 3/16/09 was my Grandmother-in-love's (she is much more than a grandmother-in-law) 99th birthday! She is about 4'8" and has dementia which makes my Parents-in-love's (they are much more than parents-in-law) life quite interesting. She can't remember things that happened 5 minutes before, but she can give us details of the time she work at a cafeteria 40+ years ago. I love to listen to her stories, when she is feeling good, and she seems to enjoy having the family around her. She can barely get around, she says the movement makes her short of breath. She is still pretty fiesty at times and makes us laugh with some of the things she says. I wish her happiness and pain-free days for however long God allows her to be with us. Happy Birthday Grandma!

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